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Crude drug name

Market name広東人参
Formal name広東人参
Japanese nameかんとんにんじん, Kantonninjin
Vernacular nameGuangdong Renshen, Xiyangshen
Latin namePanacis Quinquefolii Radix (CP)
English nameAmerican Ginseng (CP)
Other namesアメリカ人参,西洋参,洋参,泡参
Original plant namePanax quinquefolius L., (Amerikaninjin)
Family nameAraliaceae
Used partClassificationPlant origin
Sub classification root
CollectorTsuneo Namba
TMPW No.19

Scientific information data base

Common name広東人参, Guangdongrenshen, Panacis Quinquefolii Radix (CP2020), American Ginseng (CP2020)
Synonymsアメリカ人参, 西洋人参, 洋参, 泡参
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Original plant namePanax quinquefolius Linn., (Americaninjin)
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Family nameAraliaceae
Used partroot
Official compendiumCP (2020 ed.)
Clinical applicationWidely used as a tonic, cardiotonic, replenishing or tonifying vital essence, stomachic, sedative, relieving fatigue. It cures decline of metabolism due to gastric weakness as a tonifying drug. It is applied to invalid's gastric stagnation, indigestion, vomiting, chest pain, relaxant diarrhea and anorexia.
Medical systemTraditional Chinese medicine
Drug effect in
traditional medicine
Drugs for replenishing Qi (vital energy)
Beneficial effect[Property and Flavor] Cool; sweet and mild bitter.
[Meridian Tropism] Heart, lung and kidney meridians.
[Actions] To tonify qi and nourish yin, clear heat and engender fluid.
[Indications] Deficiency of qi and yin, deficiency heart with vexation and fatigue, wheezing and cough with phlegm-blood, interior heat wasting-thirst, dry mouth and throat.
Chemical constituentTriterpenoid saponins
サポニン配糖体約5% / saponin glycosides approx.5%: Ginsenoside Rb1,Ginsenoside Rg1,Ginsenoside Rg2, Ginsenoside Re, Ginsenoside Rb2, Ginsenoside Rc, Ginsenoside Rd, Ginsenoside Ra, Ginsenoside Ro

Chemical structure

DNA sequence18SrRNA: D85172(*S1), matK: D89059(*S2), ITS:U41687, U41688, U41689 rbcL:U50250; Traditioal Medical & Parmaceutical Database.
DiseaseMlaise, Thirst, Cough, Dyspnea
Formulationnot used in formula
Related drugsRenshen (Ginseng), Hongshen (Red Ginseng), Zhujierenshen (Panax Japonicus Rhizome), Sanqirenshen (Panax Notoginseng Root)
ReferencesCP2020: Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China 2020 edi.
C1)The Encyclopedia of Wakan-Yaku with Color Pictures Vol. I, pp 4-5.
RemarksAmerican Ginseng, produced in the USA or Canada, was named "Guangdong-renshen" since it was shipped to Southeast Asia through Hong Kong. It is used similarly as ginseng. However, the medical property of Ginseng is neutral (sometimes mild warm), while American Ginseng is cool.
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