*ETHMEDmmm includes both general and scientific information of the samples, stored in The Museum of Materia Medica.

Released crude drugs

  No. of variety No. of specimens Language Releasing history Released crude drugs
Traditional Japanese & Chinese crude drugs 462 6513 Jap. Since Apr. 2000 List
275 5061 Eng. Since Jul. 2005 List
Unani crude drugs 320 691 Eng. Since Mar. 2009 List
Thai crude drugs 411 670 Eng. Since Mar. 2009 List
Ayurvedic crude drugs 479 2054 Eng. Since Mar. 2017 List
Indonesian (JAMU) crude drugs 199 685 Eng. Since Mar. 2017 List
Last Update:
Mar. 30 2018:
We have been restructing and accommodating the ETHMED DB system. The 7th version of the DB system was launched on March 30th 2018.
Mar. 2017:
*Databases of Ayurvedic and Indonesian (JAMU) crude drugs were newly released (only English version is available).

*Some parts of this Data Base are supported by "Promotion of Publication of Scientific Research Results" (1999-2001, 2003) of Grants -in- Aid for Scientific Research from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

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  • The Committee for ETHMEDmmm Creation, Institute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama