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Market name川骨
Formal name川骨
Japanese nameせんこつ, Semkotsu
Vernacular nameSsemkotsu
Latin nameNupharis Rhizoma (JP)
English nameNuphar Rhizome (JP)
Original plant nameNuphar japonicum DC., (Kōhone)
Family nameNymphaeaceae
Used partClassificationPlant origin
Sub classification rhizome
Production area informationJapan
Collection informationJapan, Osaka Pref., Tochimoto Tenkaido Co., Ltd.
Collection date1972/04/13
TMPW No.235

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Production area information
Collection information
Japan,Osaka Pref.

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Common name川骨, Senkotsu, Nupharis Rhizoma (JP18), Nuphar Rhizome (JP18)
Synonyms萍蓬草 (Pingpengcao)
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Original plant nameNuphar japonicum De Candolle1, Nuphar pumila De Candolle2, (Kōhone1, Nemurokōhone2) or their interspecific hybrids
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Family nameNymphaeaceae
Used partrhizome
Quality for selectionGood Senkotsu is thick and fresh. (TN)
Official compendiumJP XVIII
Clinical applicationAs a hemostatic, diuretic, tonic, and for removing blood stasis, Nupharis Rhizoma is applied to treat gynecologic disease such as before and after childbirth and menstrual irregularity, bruise, edema, exhaustion and gastrointestinal disease.
Medical systemFolk medicine
Chemical constituentTannins

Nupharidine, Deoxynupharidine, Nupharamine, Nuphamine, Anhydronuphamine, Dehydrodeoxynupharidine

Chemical structure

Pharmacological effectTo smooth muscles of organ (nupharidine: contraction in low dose; suppression in high dose). Sedation (deoxynupharidine).
DNA sequenceD85295, AB022734, AF117091, AF117092, AF117093
DiseaseEdema, Contusion, Dizzy after childbirth, Irregular menstruation, Perspiration, Malaise, Hysteria
FormulationAnzanto, Jidabokuippo
Related drugsThe root of Nuphar pumilum (Timm.) DC.
References(JP18): The 18th edition of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.
C1)The Encyclopedia of Wakan-Yaku with Color Pictures Vol. I, pp 38-39.
C2)Outline of Pharmacognosy, a Textbook, p 301.
RemarksIn China, the root of Nuphar pumilum (Timm.) DC. (Jap. name: Nemurokōhone) is called Pingpengcaogen. In Japan Senkotsu is blended into medicines such as Jitsubo-san for women's diseases. It is also used as a raw material for domestic medicine.
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