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Crude drug name

Market name山奈
Formal name山奈
Japanese nameさんな, Sanna
Vernacular nameShannai
Latin nameKaempferiae Rhizoma (CP)
English nameGalanga Resurrectionlily Rhizome (CP)
Original plant nameKaempferia galanga L., Ban'ukon
Family nameZingiberaceae
Used partClassificationPlant origin
Sub classification rhizome
Collection informationJapan, Osaka Pref., Mikuni Shoten
Collection date1957/00/00
TMPW No.275

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Collection information
Japan,Osaka Pref.

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Common name山奈, Shannai, Kaempferiae Rhizoma (CP2020), Galanga Resurrectionlily Rhizome (CP2020)
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Original plant nameKaempferia galanga Linn., (Ban'ukon)
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Family nameZingiberaceae
Used partrhizome
Quality for selectionGood Shannai is enlarged, fresh and white. (NI)
Official compendiumCP (2020 ed.)
Clinical applicationAs an aromaric stomachic, it is applied to treat chest and abdominal pain with a cold sensation, vomiting or diarrhea with cold-dump, etc. It is also applied for toothache. Nowadays, it is used as an ingredient for incense sticks more frequently than for medicinal purposes.
Medical systemTraditional Chinese medicine
Drug effect in
traditional medicine
Aromatic drugs for resolving dampness
Beneficial effect[Property and Flavor] Warm; pungent.
[Meridian Tropism] Stomach meridian.
[Actions] To move qi and warm the middle energizer, promote digestion, and relieve pain.
[Indications] Distention and fullness in the chest, the hypochondrium and the diaphragm; cold pain in the epigastrium and abdomen, dyspepsia.
Chemical constituentFatty acids related compounds

Borneol, Eucalyptol

Cinnamic aldehyde, Ethyl cinnamate

Methyl-p-coumaric acid ethylester

Chemical structure

Pharmacological effectAntifungal (decoction: cutaneous Trichophyton).
DiseaseAbdominal pain, Stomachache, Dyspepsia, Diarrhea, Toothache
Formulationrarely used in formula
ReferencesCP2020: Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China 2020 edi.
C1)The Encyclopedia of Wakan-Yaku with Color Pictures Vol. I, pp 12.
RemarksIt is native of Vietnam.
Last renewal date2021/09/28