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Crude drug name

Market name山豆根
Formal name山豆根
Japanese nameさんずこん, Sanzukon
Vernacular nameShandougen
Latin nameSophorae Subprostratae Radix (Non-JPS), Sophorae Tonkinensis Radix et Rhizoma (CP)
English nameSophora Subprostrata Root (Non-JPS)), Vietnamese Sophora Root (CP)
Original plant nameSophora subprostrata Chun et T. Chen
Family nameLeguminosae
Used partClassificationPlant origin
Sub classification root
Collection informationPeople's Republic of China, Kunming
Collection date1980/06/21
TMPW No.280

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Collection information
People's Republic of China,Kunming

Scientific information data base

Common name山豆根, Shandougen, Sophorae Subprostratae Radix (Non-JPS2018), Sophorae Tonkinensis Radix et Rhizoma (CP2020), Sophora Subprostrata Root (Non-JPS2018), Vietnamese Sophora Root (CP2020)
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Original plant nameSophora subprostrata Chun et T. Chen (= Sophora tonkinensis Gagnep.)
Family nameLeguminosae
Used partroot and rhizome
Official compendiumNon-JPS (2018), CP (2020 ed.)
Clinical applicationAs an antidote, painkiller, anti inflammatory drug and antitumor drug, shandougen is applied for sore throat and painful swelling, early stage of lung cancer and pharyngeal cancer. It is also applied for inflammation of uterine cervix and stomatitis externally.
Medical systemTraditional Chinese medicine
Drug effect in
traditional medicine
Febrifugal and detoxicant drugs
Beneficial effect[Property and Flavor] Cold; bitter; toxic.
[Meridian Tropism] Lung and stomach.
[Actions] To clear heat, remove toxin, disperse swelling and soothe the throat.
[Indications] Retained fire toxin bind, tonsillitis and throat impediment, swelling and sore throat and gum, mouth and tongue sores.
Chemical constituentTriterpenoid saponins


l-Maackiain, Trifolirhizin, l-Pterocarpin, Genistein

Chalcones, Dihydrochalcones & Aurones
Sophoradin, Sophoranone, Sophoradochromene, Sophoranochromene

Phenol derivatives
trans-Caffeic acid docosylesterを主にした新phenol性物質

Quinolizidine alkaloids
Matrine, Oxymatrine, Anagyrine, N-Methylcytisine

Isoquinoline alkaloids
Menispermum dauricum (*C2):

Chemical structure

Pharmacological effectAntitumor, suppression of stress-induced ulcer (extract). antitumor(matrine).Suppression of ulcer induced by pyloric ligation and stress-induced ulcer,suppression of gastric juices (sophoradin, sophoranone).
DNA sequenceAF142693, AF309829, AF311369, AF309828, AF123452, AF142693, AF174638; Traditioal Medical & Parmaceutical Database.
Classical reference
(Chinese Herbal Classic "Zhenglei bencao")
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DiseaseSwelling and pain of the throat, Swelling and pain of the root of tooth, Early cancer, Skin ulcer, Cervicitis, Stomatitis
Formulationrarely used in formula
Related drugsBeidougen (see "Remarks")
ReferencesNon-JPS2018: The Japanese standards for non-Pharmacopoeial crude drugs 2018.
CP2020: Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China 2020 edi.
C1) The Encyclopedia of Wakan-Yaku with Color Pictures Vol. I, pp 10-12.
C2) Chem.Pharm.Bull.,41,1866-1868(1993). [PMID: 8281582]
Remarks"Shandougen" has several kinds of origin. For the present, the "Shandougen", imported from China, belongs to genus Sophora. It is produced in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. "Shandougen" of Northeast and North China called "Beidougen", is the rhizome of Menispermum dauricum DC. of family Menispermaceae (Jap. Name: "Komorikazura"). In Hubei, Henan, Shanxi, Gansu, Shanxi, Jiangsu and others, "Shandougen" is the root of many kinds of genus Indigofera, family Leguminosae, such as Indigofera amblyantha Craib, I. fortunei Craib and I. ichangensis Craib.
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