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Crude drug name

Market name枸子葉
Formal name枸杞葉
Japanese nameくこよう, Kukoyō
Vernacular nameGouqiye
Latin nameLycii Folium (Non-JPS)
English nameLycium Leaf (Non-JPS)
Original plant nameLycium chinense Mill., (Kuko)
Family nameSolanaceae
Used partClassificationPlant origin
Sub classification leaf
Collection informationTaiwan, Chiayi City, Xin Fu Shan Pharmacy
Collection date1974/12/00
TMPW No.285

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Collection information
Taiwan,Chiayi City

Scientific information data base

Common name枸杞葉, Gouqiye, Lycii Folium (Non-JPS2018), Lycium Leaf (Non-JPS2018)
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Original plant nameLycium chinense Miller, (Kuko)
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Family nameSolanaceae
Used partleaf
Official compendiumNon-JPS (2018)
Clinical applicationIt is used as tonic in folk medicine. It is taken as medicinal tea to treat gastrointestinal disease, hypertension and feeling of cold. It is also used for sores.
Chemical constituentMonosaccharides
Vitamin C

Flavanones & Dihydroflavonols

Other nitrogen compounds

Pharmacological effectNot exactly known.
DNA sequenceAB051022, AB036550, AB036579, AB036608, AB036637; Traditioal Medical & Parmaceutical Database.
Classical reference
(Chinese Herbal Classic "Zhenglei bencao")
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DiseaseGastroenteropathy, Hypertension, Cold-natured, Red eye, Eye pain, Cataract, Night blindness
Related drugsLycii Fructus, Lycii Cortex
ReferencesNon-JPS2018: The Japanese standards for non-Pharmacopoeial crude drugs 2018.
Last renewal date2021/09/27