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Crude drug name

Market name銀柴胡
Formal name銀柴胡
Japanese nameぎんさいこ, Ginsaiko
Vernacular nameEunsiho
Latin nameStellariae Radix (CP), Stellariae Dichotomae Radix
English nameStarwort Root (CP)
Original plant nameStellaria dichotoma L. var. lanceolata Bunge
Family nameCaryophyllaceae
Used partClassificationPlant origin
Sub classification root
Production area informationPeople's Republic of China
Collection informationRepublic of Korea, Seoul
TMPW No.307

The capital city, provincial capital city or the representative  
location of its administrative area is indicated.  
Production area information
People's Republic of China
Collection information
Republic of Korea,Seoul

Scientific information data base

Common name銀柴胡, Yinchaihu, Stellariae Radix (CP2020), Starwort Root (CP2020)
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Original plant nameStellaria dichotoma Linn. var. lanceolata Bunge
Family nameCaryophyllaceae
Used partroot
Official compendiumCP (2020 ed.)
Clinical applicationAs an antifebrile and tonic applied for fever of consumptive disease, children's convulsive fit, and fever of habitus scrofulous, etc.
Medical systemTraditional Chinese medicine
Drug effect in
traditional medicine
Drugs for fever of deficiency type
Beneficial effect[Property and Flavor] Mild cold; sweet.
[Meridian Tropism] Liver and stomach meridians.
[Actions] To clear deficiency heat, relieve malnutrition fever.
[Indications] Yin deficiency fever, steaming bone and consumptive fever, infantile malnutrition fever.
Chemical constituentFlavonoids
S. dichotoma (*C1):
6,8-Di-C-galactopyranosylapigenin, 6-C-Galactopyranosylisoscutellarin

Chemical structure

Pharmacological effectNot exactly known.
DiseaseNight sweats, Fever due to child malnutrition
Formulationrarely used in formula
ReferencesCP2020: Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China 2020 edi.
C1)Yakugaku Zasshi,102, 292-294 (1982).
C2)The Encyclopedia of Wakan-Yaku with Color Pictures Vol. I, pp 124-125.
RemarksAll "Sanginsaiko" (山銀柴胡) and "Doginsaiko" (土銀柴胡) seen in the market belong to Caryophyllaceae, but the original plant is different depending on the production area. They are Arenaria juncea Bieb. (Inner Mongolia, Liaoning Prov.), Silene fortunei Vis. (Gansu, Shanxi Prov.), S. jenisensis Willd. (Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Hebei Prov.), Gypsophila oldhamiana Miq.(Gansu, Shanxi, Henan Prov.), etc. These were once distributed in the Japanese market.
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