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Crude drug name

Market name川丹参
Formal name丹参
Japanese nameたんじん, Tanjin
Vernacular nameDanshen
Latin nameSalviae Miltiorhizae Radix (JP), Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix et Rhizoma (CP)
English nameSalvia Miltiorrhiza Root (JP), Danshen Root (CP)
Original plant nameSalvia miltiorhiza Bunge1 or Salvia yunnanensis C. H. Wright, (Tanjin1)
Family nameLabiatae
Used partClassificationPlant origin
Sub classification root
Collection informationHong Kong, Wing Tai Hong Medicine Co.,Ltd.
Collection date1974/12/25
IdentifierToshie Satoh
TMPW No.55

Scientific information data base

Common name丹参, Danshen, Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix (JP18), Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix et Rhizoma (CP2020), Salvia Miltiorrhiza Root (JP18), Danshen Root (CP2020)
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Original plant nameSalvia miltiorrhiza Bunge, (Tanjin)
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Family nameLabiatae
Used partroot
Quality for selectionGood Danshen is thick. The internal is purple black with white spots shaped like chrysanthemum. (NI)
Official compendiumJP XVIII, CP (2020 ed.)
Clinical applicationTo promote blood circulation, stimulate menstrual discharge, relieve swelling and as a painkiller, danshen is applied for paramenia, stomachache, menopause, hyperemesis and stomachache of after childbirth, rheumatism.
Medical systemTraditional Chinese medicine
Drug effect in
traditional medicine
Drugs for invigorating blood circulation
Beneficial effect[Property and Flavor] Mild cold; bitter.
[Meridian Tropism] Heart and liver.
[Actions] To activate blood and eliminate stasis, unblock the meridian, relieve pain, clear the heart, relieve vexation, cool the blood and disperse abscesses.
[Indications] Chest impediment, heart pain, pain in the epigastrium and abdomen, hypochondriac pain, aggregation and accumulation, painful heat impediment, insomnia caused by vexation, menstrual irregularities, dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea, sore, ulcer, swelling and pain.
Chemical constituentDiterpenoids
S. miltiorrhiza (*C1):
Tanshinone I, Tanshinone IIA, Tanshinone IIB, Cryptotanshinone, Tanshinol I, Tanshinol II
S. miltiorrhiza (*C2,C3,C5,C6):
Danshenol A, Danshenol B, Dihydrotanshinone I, Cryptotanshinone, Tanshinone IIA, Danshexinkun A, Sugiol
S. deserta (*C2,C3,C5,C6):
6,7-Dehydroroyleanone, Royleanone, 7-O-Methylhorminone, Taxodione, 7-O-Acetylhorminone, Horminone

S. deserta (*C3,C5,C6):
Salvianolic acid K, Salviaflaside, Rosmarinic acid, Lithospermic acid B
S. miltiorrhiza (*C4):
Lithospermic acid B (Lithospermate B)

Chemical structure

Pharmacological effectImprovement of spatial cognitive impairment, dilatation of coronary artery, protection of liver (lithospermic acid B),inhibition of aldose reductase,antifungal,endothelium dependent relaxation of the blood vessels (lithospermic acid B),improvement of kidney function (lithospermic acid B)(*E1,2),and elimination of free-radical(*E3).
DNA sequenceL14407; Traditioal Medical & Parmaceutical Database.
Classical reference
(Chinese Herbal Classic "Zhenglei bencao")
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DiseaseIrregular menstruation, Menorrhalgia, Amenorrhea, Hyperemesis after childbirth, Anginal pain, Pain of lateral sides of trunk, Pyogenic dermatosis, Insomnia, Swelling and pain of joint
Formulationrarely used in formula
Related drugsHongqinjiu (see "Remarks")
ReferencesJP18: The 18th edition of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.
CP2020: Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China 2020 edi.
C1) The Encyclopedia of Wakan-Yaku with Color Pictures Vol. I, pp 24-25.
C2) Chem.Pharm.Bull.,45,564(1997).
C3) Chem.Pharm.Bull.,45,1306(1997).
E1) Chem.Pharm.Bull.,36,316(1988).
E2) Nat.Med.,51,287(1997).
E3) Experimental & Toxicologic Pathway,47,341(1995).
Remarks"Hongqinjiao" is the roots of Salvia przewalskii Maxim., congener of "Danshen" (= S. miltiorrhiza Bunge). It is used to treat rheumatism, to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It is sometimes distributed as Danshen in Chinese market. In Japan, the roots of S. paramiltiorrhiza H. W. Li & X. L. Huang and S. sinica Migo are also circulated in the market as well as S. miltiorhiza.
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